Retiring Minds: Life after Work – A Book and a Blog

book-cover.jpgRetiring Minds: Life after Work is the title of a new book that celebrates the possibilities and honors the inevitabilities that ensue after leaving professional duties behind.  In memoir, journal, fiction and poetry, what people are doing in retirement is treated with wit and wisdom. The contributors to this collection include former deans, a librarian, and college teachers of art, economics, English, family studies, hospitality and tourism, speech, sociology, and theater. In retirement they are photographers, travelers, volunteers, and writers.  They have great stories to tell and share them with candor. 

Retiring Minds: Life after Work is available for $13.95 at Bookends on Main, 214 Main Street in downtown Menomonie and can be ordered at any bookstore or online. Click on How to Order on the sidebar.

Some Memorable Lines from the Book

“She used to call me her knight in shining armor.  When did that worm turn?” –Gene Bloedorn  

‘If the cook ain’t fat, I ain’t eatin’ it.’ ” – Leland Nichols  

“I’m telling you stories. Trust me. It’s happening very gently. . . . And we are old. It happened very gently.” – Pat Zontelli  

“Grandchildren are indeed the reward for not murdering your teenagers!” – Sheri Nero 

“I’m—having a colonoscopy,” I said. “You’re having a colonoscopy?” he said. “Yes.” “No—you’re having heart surgery.” He looked at his yellow pad. “Your name is David?” “Yes, it is.” “Aren’t you having heart surgery?” “Nope.” He looked at his pad again in some confusion. – David McCordick 

I was an adjunct.  Would always be an adjunct. . . . I burn my bridges. Would never be am adjunct again.” – Judy Brown  

“Raskolnikov gets to be a bore in the end. . . . Incidentally the epilogue of Crime and Punishment stinks.” – Erik Thurin