Contents of Retiring Minds


The Way Out, An Introduction, Susan Thurin                        

Retirement Angst

1. A Fool’s Leviathan, Richard Gardner                                 

2. Another Bend in the River, Sudershan Perusek                

3. A Purpose. A Purpose? Enjoy!, William O’Neill                

4. I’m Telling and Other Poems, Patricia Zontelli                  

Writing after Work

1. Life with a Cat, Gene Bloedorn                                         

2. To Dance in Forbidden Fields, James Eggert                    

3. The Write Stuff, Jared Brown                                           

4. Never Alone, Erik Thurin                                                  

Maturing Things

1. Eyeing the Retired Building, Robert Meier                        

2. Geriatria, Richard Beckham                                               

3. Monochromatic Prism, Carol Dolphin                               

4. The Priest, The Angel, and The AIDS Test, David McCordick        


1. Playing House on a Small Island, Sue Bridwell Beckham

2. Sunset – Hotel Villa Maya, Carol Dolphin                      

3. A Retirement Journey, Mary E. Thompson                      

Work without Borders

1. So What to Do in Retirement? Meet Katrina and Rita,
Leland L. Nicholls                                                           

2. Water Ministry, Liina Keerdoja                                       

3. Judy, When She Retires Will—, Judy Brown                    

4. Flexing My Spirit Again, Margaret T. Gordon                

Women Academics, Women’s Roles

1. Walls and Candles— or When Will We Ever Learn?
Riffs on Retirement of a Role Juggler, Carolyn Wedin    

2. Not a Leisured Renaissance, Sheri Nero                          

3. Loss, Patricia Zontelli                                                     

4. An Ending, Susan Thurin                                                

Notes on Contributors                                                         

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